Qtstalker: Database explanation and alternative data loading methods


Qtstalker provides various methods for data loading and update. The Quote Plugins framework provides two examples "Yahoo" and "CSV". The latter is useful for managing your data separately as comma-separated value (CSV) files and manually or automated loading. The framework also enables the user to create their own plugins, such as the MySql plugin.

Qtstalker stores the data for each assest (symbol) in separate Berkeley DB database files.

This feature enables the user to load and update data via external methods to access the database files separately to Qtstalker. For example, there are Perl and Python modules for accessing Berkeley Database files.

DB structure

TODO: Explain the separate chart db files, the "index" db, and the chart objects db. This forum discussion has some explanation. The C++ code will also explain, e.g. see DBIndexItemItem.

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