Contributing CUS custom indicator examples

See the directories "misc/CUS_examples/" and "misc/CUS_examples/Contributions/" and copy some into your "~/.qtstalker/dataN/indicator/Indicators" directory. See the documentation and explanation of CUS.

This is a set of example indicators, so that we have a best-practice set of examples for users to copy, and to encourage new contributions to be consistent.

Contribute your indicator and docs using the Qtstalker Patch Tracker.

Please consider the following guidelines ...

* If the indicator is something that the user can just do for themself, then 
there is no need to contribute an example. The collection will get too
cluttered with basic stuff.

* Use "plugin=CUS" rather than "plugin=TALIB" or Qtstalker core.
For example: VOL versus Volume; SZ.
Using CUS enables combination of different plots in one indicator.

* Keep indicator names short.
The name is used for the Tab, so long names mean that less tabs can be added.
Of course the user can disable/enable the less-used indicators via the Indicator
Panel. There is a trade-off between short and meaningful.

* Provide base indicators that can be included.
The CUS can include other CUS, e.g. INCLUDECUS(bar). The "SZ" indicator is an
example. It can then be easily changed to use candles instead of bars.

* Use unique plot labels when relevant.
For example if you have various different indicators, each using a moving
average (especially using EMA for one and SMA for another) then give them
unique label names. The plot labels do not matter within each plot, but in the
Tools:IndicatorSummary they will over-write each other if they have the same
name. Similarly if you have a 20-bar SMA of Close used by various indicators,
then give it the same name for each, otherwise the table is cluttered with
duplicate columns.

* Use "logScale=1".

* Use SMA unless an indicator specifically needs something else.

* Use "enable=1" so an indicator is displayed when it is copied to the
user workspace.

* Use "dateFlag=1" for tabRow 1 main charts and "dateFlag=0" otherwise. This
saves a bit of screenspace.

* Use the defult parameter values from TA-LIB, unless a good reason to change (consider contributing changes to the talib project).

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