Indicator documentation

Note: If you reached this page from the context help system, then there is no documentation available for your indicator. See below how to create some.

A collection of contributed indicators is available. Not all of them have accompanying documentation.

For assistance with creating indicators, see the CUS howto document.

See the directory listing of available documents.

There is other documentation for indicators at Indicator Reference. (FIXME: Some of those docs are old, not all indicators work properly.)

How it works

Right-click on a chart and choose "Indicator Help" from the context menu. The documentation system will append ".html" to the indicator name (e.g. cdl-rel.html) and then look for a corresponding html file. It searches first in the user directory: ~/.qtstalker/dataN/docs/indicator/ and then in the main docs/indicator/ directory. If no file is available then it presents this introduction.

Copy some indicator examples files from the "CUS Examples Repository" at misc/CUS_Examples/ into your workspace at ~/.qtstalker/dataN/indicator/Indicators/ and view their help.

How to contribute documentation and indicators

To create documentation for an indicator, copy the file qtstalker/docs/indicator/template.html (filenames are assumed to be lowercase).

Please consider contributing indicators and documentation back to the project.