Group Panel


The group tab allows you to create, edit, rename and delete groups. A group is simply a collection of charts defined by you. Right click the mouse to bring up the context menu to edit the group contents.

The context menu functions are as follows:

new New Group

Here you can create a new group. Selecting this will bring up a dialog where you are asked for a name to call your new group. The name must be unique, if not an error message will display.


After entering a name, enter the new group directory and use the add item and delete item buttons to insert or delete group contents.

insert Add Group Items

Displays a dialog that allows you to select charts to add to the current group.

Delete Group Items

Opens a dialog that allows you to select one or more charts to remove from the group.

Note: You can also delete one chart by pressing the Del-Key. A box will appear to confirm the removing of the currently selected chart.

delete group Delete Group

Deletes the current group.

Rename Group

This brings up a dialog that allows you to enter the new name of the selected group.


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