Indicators Panel


This page is used to manage indicators.

At the top of the page is a pulldown menu that allows you to switch between various indicator groups you create. The default group is the  'Indicators' group.

Below the current group menu is a list of all the indicators that belong to the current group. If you want to flip on/off an individual indicator, just double click on the indicator in the list. The icon in the front of the list item displays the status of the indicator. A green check mark means 'on' and a red stop sign means 'off'.

New Indicator Group

This function allows the user to create a new indicator group. When selected, a dialog will prompt the user for the name of the new indicator group. Once entered, the new indicator group will appear in the indicator group pulldown menu. To switch between groups just select an item from the pulldown menu.

Delete Indicator Group

This allows the user to delete an indicator group. When selected, a directory selection dialog will prompt the user for the indicator group to delete.

New Indicator

Adds a new indicator to the currently selected indicator group. When selected, the new indicator dialog will be displayed.

Add Local Indicator

Adds a local indicator to the currently viewed chart. A local indicator is an indicator that applies to a specific chart symbol. The indicator will only be viewable when the chart symbol it is related to is loaded. It will appear with a dark gray status symbol in the indicator list.

Edit Indicator

Allows the user to edit the parameters of the selected indicator.

Delete Indicator

Allows the user to delete selected indicator.

Move Indicator

Allows the user to move the selected indicator between the 3 chart positions (Main, Stacked, Tabbed)

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